Harendra shah mehalchauri

Farm school at mehalchauri by Harendra Shah providing all of information, training farm school mehalchauri

Providing all kinds of training, information,it is the opportunity for youth to become his own farm with free of cost (training).

Providing images to insure Farm school

Now Anyone with his own interest can stand his farm with great training, this farm school is in Gairsain block who is providing various information for horticulture, thanks for supporting Chamoli agriculture department.
farm school gairsain


Gairsain block first farm school

Harendra shah farm school vegetable photos

These vegetables can grow in our area with scientific method and these method can anyone apply. but you have to know how to apply so contact Harendra shah for farm school training.
harendra shah farm school chamoli


harendra shah farm school gairsain images


harendra shah farm school Gairsain


harendra shah farm school mehalchauri


harendra shah farm school mehalchaurii


harendra shah farm school silanga


harendra shah farm school


harendra shah farm


harendra shah mehalchauri


shah farm school mehalchauri

farm school gairsain


farm school silanga


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