Step-by-step: How do you get a US Virtual Number in India?

How do you get a US Virtual Number in India?

How do you get a US Virtual Number in India?

How do you get a US Virtual Number in India?

Are you facing challenges with the Traditional phone system to reach your US-based friends, family, and clients?🤔

Well, the solution to the challenges is to buy a US virtual phone number. It has become a valuable phone system that enables cost-effective communication with US-based clients.

This blog covers how to get a US phone number, its advantages, and compares different service providers’ prices and key features to help individuals determine the right provider.

Let’s get started.😎

Why do you need a US phone number in India?

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India is one of the fifth-largest economies in the world, with a GDP of around $3.53 trillion (2022). The United States is India’s largest trading partner, so having a US virtual number in India is a must for cost-effective communication and enhancing accessibility.

A company can expand its business horizon and gain an international presence more effectively by providing a US virtual number. It enables US-based customers to reach the Indian market easily with no heavy international calling fees. It supports remote work, allowing seamless communication regardless of geography, and is highly scalable with greater flexibility. It has easy addition and removal of features without the extra payment according to your business needs and enhances mobility.

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How to purchase a US Phone Number Online from India? 

You can easily purchase the US phone number online from India by following these steps:

  1. Choose a reliable virtual phone number provider.
  2. Register and sign up for an account using your email address.
  3. Verify your account.
  4. After successful registration, select the preferred type of US virtual number.
  5. Select the affordable Subscription plan.
  6. Choose the available payment option, like PayPal, to make the payment.
  7. Verify the purchase.
  8. Get a virtual number and activate it to call and receive calls from India and the US.

After verifying your identity and completing the activation process, the account holder can use the virtual number rather than their personal number for call forwarding, call recording, and other purposes. It’s a VoIP call, eliminating the need for a physical connection that enables improved business communication.

What types of US phone numbers can I get from India?

You can get four types of US phone numbers from India.

  1. Local Phone Number: A local number is a landline number in the US that uses a 3-digit area code to identify a specific region, city, or state, facilitating seamless communication with your customer across the state.
  2. Toll-free Numbers: Toll-free numbers are charge-free numbers for callers with a three-digit code that represents the specific area code, central office code, and the final group of digits representing the subscriber number.
  3. National Phone Numbers: These phone numbers are used for inbound and outbound calls across the US country.
  4. Mobile Phone Numbers: You can get the most flexible mobile phone number, operating on a mobile device, allowing individuals to make and receive calls and messages within the country’s telephone system.

There are still more types of phone numbers, like vanity numbers and virtual Fax numbers for personal use or business phones. However, the availability of such numbers depends on the virtual phone number service provider. You can surf the Internet to find the best types of phone numbers that fit your needs.

Do I need to submit any documents to get a US Number from India?

No, you don’t need to submit any documents to get a US Number from India. You can simply select the phone service provider, register, and sign up for an account.

However, the necessity of submitting documents also depends on the service provider. It is advised to read the terms and conditions of the specific service provider to confirm the need for such documents.

How much does a US phone number cost from India?

US phone call costs depend on the number of inbound and outbound calls. The duration and number of calls are considered to determine the bills to be paid by the account holder. The location of the caller and the choice of premium features greatly impact the phone number cost.

Virtual numbers provide great call quality service with advanced features like automatic call distribution. It’s a highly reliable phone system for business phone service. Let’s compare the US phone number prices provided by different virtual phone number service providers:


Provider Pricing Key features Free Trial/ Demo
Dialaxy Starts from $14.99 per month
  1. It offers unlimited calling and SMS packages.
  2. Voicemail.
  3. Notifications for the missed Calls and SMS.
Free Demo
KrispCall Starts from $15 per month
  1. It is accessible via the Web, Android, and iOS apps.
  2. Voicemail feature available.
  3. Offers combined calling and SMS packages.
Free Demo
RingCentral Starts from $30 per month
  1. Audio, video, messaging, and conferencing facilities in a single platform.
  2. It includes Automatic Call Distribution(ACD) to route the call to the appropriate agent.
  3. It has a Multi-Level IVR feature to handle the call simultaneously.
Free Trial
Grasshopper Starts from $31 per month
  • Wifi Calling
  1. Virtual receptionist, Instant Messaging
  2. Email Integration
Free Trial

Best Practices for Selecting a US Phone Number While Residing in India

You can consider the provided points for selecting a US Phone Number while living in India:

  • Identify your requirements

It’s crucial to understand why you need the US Phone Number. Be crystal clear whether you need it for personal use or business purposes. So you can plan the budget according to your needs.

  • Research service provider

Do multiple research on the virtual phone number service provider that offers reliable service with excellent features that fulfill your requirements. After discussing its features, price, and benefits, contact the provider.

  • Test Service: To examine the quality and reliability of the service provided by the server, you can consider a free trial before planning a long-term plan.
  • Read customer testimonials: Reading customer feedback provides valuable insights into the user experience regarding its quality and reliability. We can pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the system and consider them while selecting a US phone number for ourselves.

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Virtual numbers are phone numbers that are used for seamless communication with people around the world. People or businesses prefer to use a virtual number to have privacy over their real numbers. To obtain the US virtual number in India, you can simply register and sign up with the virtual number providers

There are attractive benefits of using a US virtual number. It reduces the international call fee, supporting cost-effective communication. They are an affordable and valuable tool for any growing organization. It helps Indian businesses expand by reaching a global audience.

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